We design and develop innovative software solutions for the web. Jointly with our client, we create interactive prototypes. Our specialty is creating flexible and lean software architectures, which are functional and highly reliable to operate — as well as flexible and cost-efficient to implement.

Rapid Prototyping

Creation of an interactive "dummy" of the planned application. Use this dummy to solicit feedback from future users, customers and investors. Rapid prototyping helps to focus on the user — helping to identify the true Minimum Viable Product!

IT Consulting

Sound software architecture is the key to success. In on our project experience in a varietry of industrie and countries, working with companies from start-up to the enterprise, we have experienced the strenghts and weaknesses of different approaches in detail. Our experience is your benefit.

Software Development

Custom software, implemented by experts in the technology and precisely according to the client needs. High performance in execution and quality assurance with automated tests assure the sustainability of the solution.